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A Case Report | Intelligent Women's Healthcare Solution

06. 01, 22

► Patient Information:

A 27-year-old female with full term pregnancy with a complaint of abdominal pain with massive vaginal bleeding.

► Patient History:

Internal Vaginal Bleeding with intermittent pain treated with medication.

► Scan Impression:

An ultrasound image shows the placenta covering the internal orifice of the cervix and the fluid pocket near the margin of the cervix of about 27*18mm.

A Case Report|Intelligent Women's Healthcare Solution


Complete placenta previa with placental abruption.

Ultrasound findings of normal placenta

Ultrasound can show the placenta as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy (transvaginal ultrasound) or 10 weeks of pregnancy (transabdominal ultrasound), showing a thin ring, and hypoechoic around the embryo. At the 12th and 13th weeks of pregnancy, a Doppler ultrasound can show the chorionic blood flow. At 14-15weeks of gestation, the placenta is fully developed, which is usually hyperechoic in nature. In the second trimester, the placenta gradually matures and becomes larger, showing a more homogeneous hyperechoic, in which there may be a low echo area with unclear boundaries,  which is the placental lake. In late pregnancy, a Doppler ultrasound can show abundant blood flow in the placenta.

A Case Report|Intelligent Women's Healthcare Solution

Difficulties and differential diagnosis of placental abruption

Placental abruption is one of the obstetrical emergencies that endanger the lives of mothers and infants. The domestic incidence rate is 0.46% - 2.1%. It is a serious complication during pregnancy and a common cause of prenatal bleeding. Untimely treatment can affect the lives of mothers and fetuses.

Ultrasonography is not only an important auxiliary means for the diagnosis of placental abruption but also an important link to improving the maternal and fetal prognosis of placental abruption.  It has been widely used in the diagnosis and evaluation of placental abruption. Due to the difference in exfoliation location and area, the performance of placental abruption is ever-changing, placental abruption with typical clinical symptoms, combined with ultrasound examination, is easy to be diagnosed; such as placental abruption with atypical clinical symptoms, it has the characteristics of hidden onset, unobvious clinical manifestations and ever-changing ultrasound images,  which is more likely to lead to misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, bringing greater risk to pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, atypical placental abruption should be repeatedly examined and carefully screened by ultrasound doctors combined with clinical symptoms and signs.

Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

XBit 90 is the flagship product of CHISON's high-end intelligent ultrasound XBit series, which protects women's entire pregnancy. When XBit 90 is used in the examination and diagnosis of placental abruption, the innovative intelligent high-precision imaging will clearly show the changes in the internal structure and shape of the placenta during placental abruption, which will help ultrasound doctors to diagnose timely and accurately and avoid adverse pregnancy outcomes.

A Case Report|Intelligent Women's Healthcare Solution

Width Enhancement Technology (WET)

The abdominal wall of some pregnant women is thick, and the examination is relatively difficult, so the probe is required to have sufficient penetration power. XBit 90 Width Enhancement Technology  (WET),  the probe adopts excellent piezoelectric ceramic composites or piezoelectric single crystal materials, which is made by increasing the gradient of multi-layer matching layer and high-density precision cutting technology, which greatly reduces sound attenuation, effective heat dissipation, broadens the probe frequency band, ensures image resolution and increases good penetration force, calmly dealing with the thicker abdominal wall or front wall placenta.

A Case Report|Intelligent Women's Healthcare Solution

Microvascular Imaging (MVI)

The disappearance of the posterior placental blood flow signal and the unexplained abnormal fetal umbilical artery blood flow may be a direct sign of placental abruption. Ultrasound doctors should carefully observe the changes in blood flow signals. XBit 90 Micro Blood flow Imaging (MVI) uses a new algorithm to extract effective and real micro blood flow signals from the clutter signals filtered by wall filtering, which can more comprehensively improve the display efficiency of low-velocity blood flow and microvascular blood flow and can provide more rich and accurate blood flow information for the clinic.

Fetal intracranial flow imaging

Fetal intracranial flow imaging

Image Optimization Technology (X-ppi)

Because of the ever-changing ultrasound images, atypical placental abruption is easy to be confused with other diseases. The accuracy depends on the clinical experience of ultrasound doctors and the clarity of ultrasound images. XBit 90 Image Optimization Technology (X-ppi), equipped with the NIT platform, quickly acquires every image, finely optimizes each pixel, increases image resolution, improves internal differences of organs or lesions, and high-quality imaging assists in accurate clinical diagnosis.

Fetal abdominal section

Fetal abdominal section

A Case Report|Intelligent Women's Healthcare Solution

In the field of obstetrics and gynecology, XBit 90 has a wealth of clinical solutions to meet the needs of health examination and diagnosis. Breast, pre-pregnancy follicle assessment, early pregnancy, and middle and late pregnancy examinations take care of women's entire pregnancy; XBit 90 also pays attention to infants and fetuses, and evaluates their growth and development. CHISON has been making efforts in reproductive health diagnosis and developed a comprehensive detection solution throughout the whole reproductive cycle, protecting the lives and health of women and fetuses.

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